Thursday, June 29, 2006

Start Spreading the News

Because a) I'm excited and b) I love to make people jealous (Hell I deserve it, I never get to go out anywhere) I'm just letting everyone know that in August I'm going to New York for the second time in my life!

I may have mentioned that my bro lives there (he married an American girl, god bless him) and so I've always got an excuse to go. Even better, my bestest greatest friend in the world Tam is coming! Excuse me while I have a Julia Roberts moment... "I love my life". Oh and I'm going to the quarter-finals of the US Open (that's tennis for you non-fans -- damn you!).

Anyway, I'm done showing off. This is just to demonstrate that I am alive and well (and still disliking United 93 btw). I was ill, but I'm pretty much recovered. Won't stop me ringing in sick for work tomorrow though :P What can I say? I'm a lazy lil fecker.

More to come.

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RC said...

ah, New York...what a fun place to visit.

--RC of